RMB node pop ups

I've got NR 1.0.3

Not the latest, but.......

I remember reading that one of the new releases offers RMB pop ups for nodes.

So when I am in the edit screen rather than having to go to the left panel, I could RMB and a list of nodes would pop up.

Am I ahead of the version I am using?

There are no interactions in Node-RED that involve the right-mouse button (I assume that's what you mean by RMB).

The closest thing I can think of is where you can Ctrl-Click (LMB) in the workspace to bring up the quick-add dialog - https://nodered.org/docs/user-guide/editor/workspace/nodes#quick-add-dialog

Ah! Sorry. Yes. CTL LMB. (in my parlance)

I think I once did it by mistake and so the problem started about what I did.

It is just that........

I was thinking (yes: Dangerous for me to do) about the left panel, and easy node access.

I'll start a new thread as it is off topic to this.

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