Node Red editor issue

Hi all,
i run NR v1.1.3 on a [EDIT] RPI 3B with Raspbian
i open the NR editor with chrome 85.0.4183.102 (Build officiel) (64 bits) on a win10 (2004 home) PC.
And this is what I often encounter:

clicking in the right menu makes the menu jump but does not react. Then reacts shortly after.

I display on the left part of the screen the dashboard and on the right the NR editor. (By pushing a window towards an edge of the screen, it is automatically positioned on half of the screen)
Do you need more details?

Do you see any errors in the browser devtools console when that happens? It might give hints to what's going wrong.

Ok I would watch.
I also have a translation extension in Chrome which when I double click on a word, popup the translation of the word. I noticed that the icon often appeared in the NR editor for no reason, and that since the last major version, 1.1.0 (it seems to me).
I would also try to disable the extension when it happens again, to see.

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