Double-click stops working in NR using Brave Browser

This isn't a big issue - just posting in case it's not just me :slight_smile:

I run Vivaldi as main browser but keep my NR editors in separate browser for easy access.

Used to be Edge until I switched away from Windows last month to Linux Mint Cinnamon

Every now and then - double-clicking to edit a node stops working but simple tab refresh fixes it
NR 3.1.3

That sounds like a node is erroring internally as its being loaded into the editor - I have seen this in the past (but never pinned it down).

It would be super useful if you could recreate this and capture any browser console errors.


Indeed, I've actually done that to myself when developing nodes.

I've not had any issues with Vivaldi which is also now my default personal (not work) browser since I much prefer how it handles workspaces. I also use Brave but only for YouTube thanks to its ability to continue to filter out most adverts. :blush:

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