New Wiring Features

On one of the recent releases, I watched the 'what's new' information and there were lots of new ways to wire nodes.

I cannot remember what the keystrokes were and cannot find this information again.

The documentation still seems to just have the basic wiring information.

Is it possible to access the 'what's new' information again for the releases or is the info on multiple wire options available somewhere else?

Try searching the action list CTRL-SHIFT-P

Was it this one

Yup, that's it. Could this be added to the documentation?

That only works if you know you need to search for that :wink:

What is "the action list"? Do you mean the keyboard shortcuts?

A related question - can you use unassigned UI commands without assigning them a keystroke?

Yes, search the action list

It's accessed via CTRL-SHIFT-P

It is also in the main menu.

I thought it was covered in the user guide docs, but I can't see it there. Will get it added.


I'll get this added & review other Doc's Nick. Can you remind me which repo please & whether to target master (or other branch). Ta.


The Editor User Guide is here: at master · node-red/ · GitHub

Straight to master as this is docs for existing release


Done PR #268 :slight_smile:

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Hi Brian, yes it is.
In the editor, Hamburger top right, click version number at the bottom of the menu, and then you'll see the latest changelog, and you will also see a 'Take a tour' button if you want to see the interactive demo again.

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