About Light Scheduler node output frequency

Hi guys,
i'm using the LightScheduler node (node-red-contrib-light-scheduler).
It's possible to define the output frequency:
" The output setting can be either of:

  • "when state changes" - Will only output a msg when the state changes. The state is evaluated on a minutely basis, so it can take up to a minute after deploy of a new configu before the output it triggered.
  • "when state changes + startup" - Will only output a msg when the state changes and directly after a deploy and a restart of node-red.
  • "minutely" - Will only output a msg on a minutely basis even if the state have not changed."

but even if i've choose "when state changes + startup" it continues to generate output every minute.
Does anyone have encountered the same behaviour?


hi guys, sorry i've checked the github issues and there's already a workaround (even if it's not already addressed).

The workaround is:
"To anyone having the same issue - the rbe node can filter out messages unless the payload changes and helps to circumvent this problem."



This is solved in the latest versions of node-red-contrib-light-scheduler

Changelog can be found here:

/Niklas Wall

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