Light-scheduler node

Hi, I am using light-scheduler node to turn on/off my lights. It works but I get "Failed to interpret incoming msg.payload. Ignoring it!" instead True and False.

Have any idea about this problem?

Thank you

Never used it. Perhaps you might want to try node-red-contrib-cron-plus instead. You are not limited to 2 events (you can have multiple, can send whatever you wish and is capable of being fully UI or dynamically setup)

It's not as difficult as you might think.

Oh, and it also has solar times incase you want to operate lights at dusk or dawn.

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If you are looking for a bare bones solution have a look at this subflow i made a while back:

it uses only core nodes and is quite simple. But the cron plus node by @Steve-Mcl is definitely recommended as it gives you near infinite possibilities and is very well supported :+1:t2:


When do you get this error? Looks like the incoming message contains things this node don't like.
Show the flow you have made.

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