About node-red-contrib-telnet-client

Sorry for the rather elementary question. When I check the properties of node-red-contrib-telnet-client, there is a setting item for the timeout time, but even if I enter a value, the timeout time does not change. If anyone knows, please tell me how to change the timeout time. The timeout console output on the debug page is annoying.

Looks like that is a known problem, see telnet-request doesn't observe timeout value · Issue #7 · CABrouwers/node-red-contrib-telnet · GitHub

The issue was opened 2 years ago with no response from the author. Add to that that the node hasn't been updated in 3 years, the author hasn't been active on GtHub in all that time and I would assume the node has been abandoned and you should look for another solution.

Thank you for teaching me. I would like to find another method.

Explaining what you are trying to accomplish would be helpful. However do not open your system to the internet unless you have secured it. Several users have discovered they have been hacked.
Please read Protecting Node-RED from itself

There are very few reasons to use TELNET any more so as Paul says, you should explain your requirements.

Also, as Paul suggests, do not, under any circumstances, expose TELNET connections across the Internet as it is completely insecure. Even for internal networks, you should be extremely cautious about using it.