About reading files using node-red-contrib-sftpco

About node-red-contrib-sftpco

When reading a file using the Get method
It will be read as UTF-8.
Is there no way to change the character code?

Also, enter the host, username and password on this node.
Is it possible to pass it as a variable?
Thank you.

Welcome to the forums @Node7189

Sadly, no... it is not possible, you will need to raise the request with the author of the node.
Support is there in the upstream library, but node-red-contrib-sftpco does not expose it

Thank you for answering.
I'm sorry.

I would like to consider other nodes.

When using GET method with node-red-contrib-sftp
Where will the files be saved?

I will continue to research on my own, but if you know
Please lend me your wisdom.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and appreciate your understanding.

Sorry - I don't use any file transfer in Node RED.

If someone here uses the nodes, they may answer, if not, its best to review documentation.

I never got success using ftp nodes, so now when I need it I just use exec nodes to run the commands I need.

Thank you for sharing the document. I would like to investigate.

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