About UI dashboard optimization suggestions!

I have a suggestion, nodered's UI should be fully optimized. UI visualizations should be sliced into a single flow page when invoked to facilitate the single-threaded workflow of the backend nodejs engine. Now that the UI visual output forms a large data stream, the web page is connecting lost. If you agree with the suggestion, please put it on the top, I hope the engineer can see it, thanks! Thanks to nodered engineers for their continuous optimization efforts. See you in 2023!

Thank you for the suggestion. As the dashboard is meant as a simple way to create a UI for an inexperienced user then it is hard for it to be optimised for all the possible use cases that our ingenious users come up with. If you want to optimise it fully then it is probably better to start with the ui-builder project and leverage your knowledge of your application area in order to optimise it for your specific situation.

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