Access interface android from PC

I just used the RED-MOBILE application on Android, to display the interface created there is on the dashboard list is there a possibility to display the interface on PC?
to create the interface I use localhoste: 1880 / red
to display it I forget what I need to write.

From the PC try "ip address of your Android device:1880"

no access but I found it it's (ip adresse of my android: 1880 / api / ui)

To be able to connect your pc to the node red on the android both devices needs to be on the same network. once that it does simply type in the androids IP address then the port that node red is running on.

That's how I connect to mine at least.

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yes I know that, I wanted to see the interface (dashboard)
when i said localhost i meant the ip address of the android device
I wanted to display my interface which I have already created.
on pc to create an interface using the nodes we use adressip: port / red
to see the result we do ip address: port / api / ui

@Lyes16 Sorry for the delay getting back to you. To change the name of the dashboard in the url follow the below.

open up your settings.js file
scroll down until you see a line stating "// If you installed the optional node-red-dashboard you can set it's path // relative to httpRoot" on VBSEdit its line 115 for me.

where it says ui: { path: X} change this to what you want it to be name with " before the name and after.

to change the to port number go to line 21 and look for "module.exports = {
// the tcp port that the Node-RED web server is listening on" where it says
uiPort: process.env.PORT || 1880,: where 1880 is is where you can change the port it is on.

Hope this helps.