Access local files mounted from SMB Share


I am trying to play audio files to my media player entity in homeassistant from my smb share. Unfortunately, I cannot access the files without credentials. I was able to map the NAS Folder into the homeassistant media folder but nodered was unable to view the files (They did not appear).

For now i am unsure how to solve this problem. I would like to access the NAS directly from nodered and pass the files directly.

I am new to nodered.
Any suggestions?


Is the share accessible from the command line? If it is, then Node-RED will be able to access it. You may need to look up on the Internet how to mound an SMB share.

This will come down to what volumes Home Assistant has mounted onto the Node-RED container. You will have to ask on the Home Assistant forums as to what is available and how to enable mounting them

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