Move file to smb nas folder

I am creating my first node-red flow to read new emails containing a mp4 attachment and extract this to a folder. This is working. However, my next step is to move or copy that file from the folder into the samba share on a NAS on my network. I have tried a few things with the smb node but have not got it to work at all. In fact, my windows node-red crashed last time it tried to process the smb node. I have a full filename, including path, for the file, in msg.filename, and will want to place this in a sub-folder on the smb share. I will also want the source file to be removed on completion (i expect a move would do this anyway).

Anybody got examples of using smb node to do this?

One other thought. I am testing this in windows but, once complete, i will be moving this to run on a Raspberry pi home assistant system. Can anyone foresee any issues likely to occur on raspbian os as opposed to windows?

Never used the smb node I'm afraid. Personally I would do it by mounting the share into the filing system and using the standard file node instead.

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