Txt or csv file on smb/nas

I have a nas on my network and i would like to edit a csv file on the nas.
Is there a similar node or combination of nodes which could do the "append to file" action, but on a network level? The smb node works quite well as a connection but it cant edit just create/delete/move/list.

No, I don't believe so. And they would be complex for no added benefit.

It is generally better to integrate SMB and similar file shares into your server's filing system.

So if i mount the smb to the server, my raspberry pi per se, the file node could do its trick that way?

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It should, easy enough for you to try...

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Yes, you integrate SMB via Samba which is already included in a lot of Linux versions since it is such a common requirement. There are, of course, other FS integrations you can do such as NFS and even using SFTP, FTPS or SCP.

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