Read file from smb folder

on my Raspberry Pi4 (so raspberry standard) I have a directory shared with smb.
I'd like to read from my pc with ubuntu the file TemperatureData.log but I cannot set correctly the smb node ....

configuration node smb 01


configuration node smb 02



Can you help me?

I also have an httpStatic on my Raspberry and I could move the file into this directory if it helps ....

If there is another solution to read the file that's fine too ...

Rather than trying to access an SMB: URI, use Raspbian to mount the folder and then it will just look like any other folder on the device.

Ok, I succeeded and now works fine. Thank you ...

This is the instruction to mount Raspberry smb shared folder in ubuntu:

sudo mount -t cifs -o vers=3.0,username=[insert_username],password=[insert_pwd] //[name_folder_raspberry] /[path_destination_folder_ubuntu]

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