Fs file lister with synology

i would like to use a media player on my raspi (running node red) playing files from my synology drive.
I used hard coding of the path (not via msg) in the form afp://mysynology.local/video
mysynology is a placefolder and is replaced with the actual name.
I copied the path from the filemanager in the raspi.
Unfortunately this does not work. "File could not be accessed"
How can i access the /music folder in my synology? It requires logon credentials, how can that be sent to the synology?
Raspi and synology are happy with each other, from file manager i can start videos by double clicking them.

Mount the share on the RPi then access the files as if they were local.


Wow, that was quick! Thank you!
I'll check that later tonight.

Well, it works ... and not.
Step 5 of the instruction: the setup is not reboot persistent. Auto mount on boot does not work. Must be done manually.

You have several options with a Synology NAS. The most efficient file share will generally be SMB (AKA CIFS), a Windows file share. For that, you need cifs-utils. You could also use NFS as Colin shared. You can also use AFP which I think is Apple's file share. You can even use SCP or SFTP or FTPS.

Internet searches turned these up which may help:

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