Access sub flow variables in a module

As the title states.

A Z-Wave node, I am the author of, can act differently if added to a sub flow.
This however, needs variables added to the sub flow (which is easy enough).

But how on earth, do I access those variables inside a module? (as apposed to a function node)

I see there is a private api the function node uses node._flow.getSetting("Name"), But I dont want to start hacking away at private API's

We really should provide a more direct api that doesn't involve you needing to know about _flow.

A possibly 'safer' alternative is:

RED.util.evaluateNodeProperty("Name", "env", node);

This is the api you'd use if you have a TypedInput in your node UI that included the 'env' type.

Worked perfectly!
thank you.

I'm pretty sure I have seen evaluateNodeProperty in places - but didn't know its use is for this kind of thing. - again thanks

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