Accessing msg properties that have a non standard variable identifier

I'm running into a problem with a function block to create fields for an InfluxDB connector. I use the JSON string to object conversion node in Node-RED and it correctly creates the object {"CF1":1,"CF2.5":1,"CF10":1,"PM1":1,"PM2.5":1,"PM10":1,"PB0.3":348,"PB0.5":89,"PB1":8,"PB2.5":0,"PB5":0,"PB10":0} which I then use as input to the function block below. The error is "a leading decimal point can be confused with a dot". I can see how this could be a problem but have no idea to pick up these values correctly. Any idea?

msg.payload = {
    cf1: msg.PMS5003.cf1,
    cf2.5: msg.PMS5003.cf2.5, <error
    cf10: msg.PMS5003.cf10,
    pm1: msg.PMS5003.pm1,
    pm2.5: msg.PMS5003.pm2.5, <error
    pm10: msg.PMS5003.pm10,
    pb0.3: msg.PMS5003.pb0.3, <error
    pb0.5: msg.PMS5003.pb0.5,
    pb1: msg.PMS5003.pb1,
    pb2.5: msg.PMS5003.pb2.5, <error
    pb5: msg.PMS5003.pb5,
    pb10: msg.PMS5003.pb10
return msg;

Hi firstly, in order to make code more readable and importable it is important to post it between two sets of three backticks - ``` - see this post for more details - How to share code or flow json

As for your issue, use msg.PMS5003["pm2.5"] when the variable contains non valid variable name charcaters.

PS, this is called bracket notation

Thanks Steve on both fronts. That did the trick. You probably can tell that I'm at the deep end of the learning curve :slight_smile:

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If you are generating that data then it might be better to use underscore rather than dot, or just leave it out completely if that still gives you a unique name. Otherwise you will be forever cursing yourself in the future for making life harder. :slight_smile:

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