Accessing Node Settings

I finally figured out how to send a config flag to the node instance of a plugin.

const {
} = process.env;

module.exports = function(RED) {
  function AWSConfigNode(config) {
    const node = this;

    RED.nodes.createNode(node, config);

    node.accessKey = node.credentials.accessKey || AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID;
    node.secretKey = node.credentials.secretKey || AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY;
    node.region = config.region || AWS_REGION || AMAZON_REGION; =;

  RED.nodes.registerType("aws-sdk-any-config", AWSConfigNode, {
    settings: {
      awsSdkAnyConfig_hasCredentials: {
        exportable: true
    credentials: {
      accessKey: { type: "text" },
      secretKey: { type: "password" }

However, I was expecting this flag to be available within the Custom Edit Events. In the screenshot the execution context (this) has some good information, but not the awsSdkAnyConfig_hasCredentials setting.

I did find the setting available with this call: RED.settings.awsSdkAnyConfig_hasCredentials.

Would it be possible to add this as a new feature by passing these settings as an argument to the Custom Edit Functions?

No - as you have noted, the value is exposed as RED.setings.awsSdkAnyConfig_hasCredentials and that is how you should reference it in your node functions.