Accessing output labels from custom node

I am writing some custom nodes and want to be able to access the text of the outputLabels defined in the HTML of the custom node.

It does not appear to be parts of the node config object nor the node at runtime. Is there any way to access these. I am looking to use the text in logging for the node.

Also, if the node label is defined as a function in the HTML, is there any way to fetch the label based on that code definition, or do I have do duplicate that code also in the node itself.

They are client side only - not really intended to be accessed at runtime as they are only calculated (if a function) when rendered in the editor, and the runtime may be running headless.

Thanks for that. Shame about the lack of access, as from a logging point of view, it would be nice to include some text relating to a decision about the output of a node from the outputLabels array without having to duplicate the text in code. Makes it easier to give context to those logs.

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