Custom nodes appearance (labels & icons)


With v0.20 we now have the ability to hide the label and choose icons among the font-awesome set. Great features. I would like the same for custom nodes (in the html file of the custom node).

I have not seen anything about the following in the doc ( but maybe it's not updated yet ?

  • Is it possible to control the label visibility of custom nodes ? I would like to hide the label by default for some nodes in certain conditions (for example if the label is an empty string, then hide the label and gain some space in the editor).
  • Is it possible to use the font-awesome icons instead of providing our own png/gif/svg file ?




No - that is not something a node can choose at the moment.

Yes - if you set the icon property to font-awesome/name-of-icon.

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OK Thank you :+1:



@knolleary in fact I found that it is feasible using the same (official) trick as for the customisable number of outputs in the function node, that is by using the appropriate property name that handles label visibility in the defaults of the html file .... feel free to remove this comment if you don't want this "trick" to become some kind of bad habit .... :wink:

Edit: ok it does not fully work ... putting a default value for the property will hide the label but then the hide/show switch will have no effect. So, let's forget I said anything :blush: