Custom icons cannot be used in appearance section

Node-RED version: v1.3.5-git
Node.js version: v16.2.0
Darwin 20.5.0 x64 LE

I am developing a custom node and have added in the icons folder of the node some svg resources.
They are well discovered and from the appearance menu I can see them in the list of the available icons.
Also the icon I have chosen in the html section is properly displayed.

But if I select one of the other custom icons available from the icon button in the appearance section, the selection doesn't work.

If I select any of the other default icons it works.

Am I missing anything in my code that could prevent such change to be effective ?
Thanks in advance for your guidance.

Hi @antoine-em - I think I'd expect that to work.

Please raise an issue so we can investigate.


Thank you for your quick feedback.
I have opened an issue here -> Custom icons cannot be used in appearance section · Issue #3013 · node-red/node-red · GitHub
If more details are necessary I will add some screenshots or a video capture if it can be uploaded on a Github comment.

You can paste screenshot snippets from clipboard into a GitHub issue reply (just like in this forum) and I'm pretty sure videos too now (as of a few months if memory serves me)

Thanks, I did so to be more explicit. I am not sure whereas it is my code or a bug but I have reported it.

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