Active and Test Flows

Would it be handy to Active and de-active a Flow or the output of an flow ?

I have 1 flow running, which collects data and send data (setpoints) and is running fine.

I came a cross a new program that is more extensive, but needs a few tweaks to handle the input and output correctly.

I have imported this program on a separate RPI, which has not live Input. made some tweak.
Now i have to copy it to the Live enviroment/device so i can test what the input and check/debug the output generated.

is it possible to "test" the new program, without interfering with the current running flow ?
I do not want to overwrite the Setpoints of the original program " yet".

I could not find a solution.

I was thinking of an option whereby one could set the Input and output setting of a flow.
a) when making / importing a (new) flow, one could set options:

  1. Edit: Building without input, although some nodes read live parameter options which can/must be set
  2. Input: work with live input in the nodes and send debug output.
  3. Output: when checked, output is sent as setpoint in live enviroment.


Have you thought of sending the live input data to the test Pi using MQTT?

Now i want to switch-off the Flow, but How ?

Try this

Enable or disable a flow (tab) per flow name (flow) - Node-RED (

I will give it a try, thanks

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