ActiveMQ read working?

I need to consume messages from an ActiveMQ queue. Per this link, Linking Node Red and various MQs – Manneken-Tech, it doesn't work, but that URL is somewhat dated.

Does anyone know if ActiveMQ works with node-red-node-stomp?


If you are the first, why not try?

The link you provided describes pretty well what you can do. It's also written that you can use MQTT. Off you go and try

MQTT protocol

The mqtt protocol is a simple protocol that can be used with most MQ systems. It was designed for IoTs, but also works with RabbitMQ and ActiveMQ. MQTT is installed natively in Node Red.

Sorry, I left out a key point. We use ActiveMQ queues, and per the doc I linked ref MQTT:

Note that messages use topics and not queues which could be a problem with particular scenarios

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