How do i deal with rabbit MQ connectivity?


I'm trying to connect to an application that publishes messages via rabbitMQ .

Initially, I thought I'd hit lucky with a node-red-contrib-amqp but that seemed to screw up my installation.

Is there a better option, or any tips on how to get that to work.

I'm new to and just been watching some youtube videos on how to use it - I'm really impressed by what I've seen so far.

thanks in advance for any assistance

I recommend a forum search as your first and best way to see if there are any prior revelations about your needs.

thanks @Gunner I did try a search first, there was nothing obvious other than previous problems with the contrib package i'd previously tried and some mention of using rabbitMQ with MQTT.

My understanding is that's MQTT is a different plug-in at the rabbitMQ end that allows you to use the standard MQTT nodes in node-red. Unfortunately, I have no control over the rabbitMQ end so that option is unlikely to be available.... but I'm in the process of checking that separately.

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