AMQP working on node-red

I am working on AMQP using NODE-RED. I am unable to find RabbitMQ in the palette. I installed RabbitMQ on raspberry pi device separately however, i am unable to link it using localhost:5672.
Can someone please guide me how can i use AMQP in and out nodes using Node RED.
I also tried with amqp2 but it didnt work as well.

I don't have any experience with RabbitMQ but have you considered trying MQTT for mesage passing? It is something that many users are using.

Also I noticed that

  • node-red-contrib-amqp2 hasn't been updated in over 4 years and is probably abandoned
  • node-red-contrib-amqp hasn't been updated in over a year and a half, there are 20 open issues and the author has had no GitHub since December of 2019.

Thank you Paul for your repl. I have used MQTT it is working fine. However when i installed amqp nodes (1 year 8 months ago) these are unable to connect with the localhost:5672.
I need to understand AMQP this is the reason i am experimenting on it.

No extensive detail of AMQP is found on internet. This link (node-red-contrib-amqp (node) - Node-RED) doesnt provide the server connecting detail.

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