Add menu option to reset all flows, sub-flows configuration to factory default

The common workflow for me is developing on my laptop, then installing on customers' equipment. This might occur over several days. Before a new project can be imported, however, you must first manually delete each flow, sub-flow, and all node configurations. Optionally, I could shell into a container and delete flow.json, etc.

It would be so nice if there was a menu option to reset NR to factory defaults!

A somewhat related feature that would be nice to have; Before importing a 'check palettes' button would test that all required palettes are already installed, and even better - prompt you to install them automatically if missing!

You can reset your flows simply by deleting the flow and credential json file. Though that leaves the installed nodes. You can fully reset by deleting the entire userDir folder and restarting Node-RED.

More usefully though, I would set up different environments for different projects. That way, you can retain your previous project until you are ready to get rid of it. Maybe after a user acceptance period.

You can even have fully, stand-alone environments by installing Node-RED locally and that lets you run your projects against different versions of Node-RED.

Possibly using the Projects feature that lets you create projects and quickly switch between them in the editor.

Although in this instance, I think @braunku is looking for a way to clear out what is running on the customer instance, before replacing it with the new version. Is that right?

The Projects feature lets you connect the workspace to a git repository. So one approach would be to push the new versions to a git repo and then get the individual instances to pull down the update - again, all down via the Node-RED editor with projects enabled.

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Yes, that is correct.
I admittedly have not used the project feature yet, but it sounds like that would provide a solution to what I am looking for. I will try it out thank you.

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