Add new button to Node red editor

Hi, I want to add new button/s next to the node-red native deploy button. What is the way to accomplish this?

The reason to do this -- the new button will deploy the flows to another instance of headless node red. This way, we (startup), will have separation between development and production deployment.

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I don't know how critical your environment is, but what if someone clicks the wrong button ? Hint: this is going to happen.

Note there are various API's available for the editor and runtime.

You could also create an additional flow that performs an API call to post/deploy the new flow at some instance, perhaps combine it with a listener hook. This allows to build in guards and logic that can prevent mistakes.


It is possible to do it (add a button on the top of the page):

I'm sorry though - I don't remember how I did it.
I installed 'something' (a long time ago) that always displays that button...
All it does (when clicked) is open a new tab with the /ui/ loaded (the node-red Dashboard).

Personally, I'd like it changed from the existing colour (red) so it does not 'collide' with the existing 'Deploy' button.

I'll try to figure out what I installed and update you...



I would personally recommend enabling the projects feature and running dev, test, and prod as completely separate environments. You could then do all your work in dev, commit those changes to the repo, and pull them down in the test environment for validation, followed by pulling them down on prod if everything checks out. This also gives you better versioning and rollback capability, which is awesome if you're working on something mission critical.

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