Add new button beside Deploy

can it be possible to put new button with name "save" besides Deploy button and on click of this button just want to fire some event and hide deploy button.

Please guide me.


Hi @dhpatel177

I'm sure we've had this conversation in slack a couple weeks ago. Maybe it wasn't you, but you are asking exactly the same questions I've already answered there.

Using the editorTheme setting, you can add whatever custom javascript you want to the page.

Using that you can write some code that hides the button and adds your custom button however you want.

It’s a different user here, as I thought the same thing when reading the first topic.

Hi Darshan, it’s good to see you back. Have you checked out the suggestions from your previous thread, to set up your flow saving/loading through a storage plugin instead? Or, if your goal is still to modify the core itself, have you studied up on the topics I told you to?

Nick’s solution definitely sounds like an easy way, but are you making sure it works when populating it not with just test names as well?

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