Is there any official interface for Deploy Button can use

Node-RED version: v3.0.2
Node.js version: v16.17.0
Hi, I'm new to Node-red. I need to use the interface to call up the deployment button, so that I can use this interface to complete the deployment function rather than click the deploy button. I don't need to remove the deploy button. I have found some existing APIs on the official Docs, but there is still no solution, who can give me some guidance?

Welcome to the forum @Sztt

I think the problem Is that the API is on the node red server, but the deploy button is in the browser. I suspect that the server doesn't know anything about the changes you have made until you hit deploy, so there is no way it can deploy them.

Hi @Sztt

Where is your code running in relation to the editor?

If you have code inside the editor you can simulate a click on the button easily enough. But you cannot do that remotely.


Can you outline what i need to do to simulate a click?Thank you for your reply.

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