Add new library using library store

Good moning everyone!

I am trying to add a local library and i came acrosss this:

i added the library portion to the settings file and created the folder but i see the new library tab but i still can't see the flows inside, have i missed something?

thanks in advance

(i'll leave the settings code here):

library: {
sources: [
id: "sss-examples-library",
type: "node-red-library-file-store",
path: __dirname + "\style\sss-examples\",
label: "SSS-Examples",
icon: "font-awesome/fa-users"

  1. What device and OS is Node-red running on?
  2. What version of Node-RED and node.js are you on? (you can get this from the startup log)
  3. What are the permissions for the folder?
  4. the documentation states:
`path` **Required**
The absolute path to the where the library should be stored path 

what happens if you change to an absolute path like path: "/Users/tom/work/team-library/"?

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  1. windows 10
  2. NODE JS 16.14.2 AND NODE RED 3.0.2

3)the folder has no special permission for access

  1. i know but i saw from the settings file that __dirname can be used, and it works for a lot of other things in the settings file. i tried also the absolute path but nothing...

When you go to the hamburger menu and select 'Import' do you see something like this?

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yep, exactly like that, no flows are displayed

I only installed the plugin like in the solution i linked and modified the settings file

Have you tried exporting a flow to that location?

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with this question you just gave me the solution, the flows subdirectory was missing, thanks a lot

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