Add YouTube capabilites to Google node


I'm trying to fetch the metadata of a YouTube video with their APIs. I'll look at the Google node and thought it would be a good addition.

First question: is it? Or should I start from scratch?

Second question: how do you handle the credentials? I'm using a Service to Service auth (with a Google Service Account) since I don't want to ask for the user credential. Can this be done in the package? Should I adapt it (a bit scared of manipulating the core of this package :sweat_smile:) or, once again, start from scratch?

Thank you

As this is a node developed largely by @dceejay, I think you need some feedback from him when he gets some time to.

Of course, there is nothing stopping you forking the code to start having a play with it & get familiar with how it works. You can always just bin it and take another fork if you mess up.

However, obviously, you shouldn't go too far until you've had a chance to speak to Dave or maybe Nick to see if this suggestion is something that they would like explored.

Generally, it is better to build on something that already exists - as long as it doesn't take the node away from its original purpose or make it overly complex to use or maintain. Otherwise we end up with loads of similar nodes working slightly differently.

My preference would be not to try to incorporate YouTube functionality into the existing Google node.

Google covers a lot of ground and it wouldn't necessarily make sense to put everything in the one module.

Thank you for your insights!

I'll start a new node, for Youtube only. I found two repositories already connecting to YT but they seems abondonned.

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