Ads1115 with zmpt101b converter


Does anybody know how to configure my Ads1115 node which is conected to zmpt101b converter (with this I convert voltage 220V) to read corectly the values of voltage (220V)?

I used a debug node and it gave me random values like 1.12, 1.55, 1.70, 2.1 V then these values decrease (like they convert a values of a sinus which increase and Decrease). I don't know to interpret them.

Ads1115 is conected to 3,3 V (Vin) . Without connecting Zmpt101b converter IT gave me a fix value of a half of Vin(1.61V). After I connect on A0 input the Zmpt101b converter, The values are going to oscillate, like they follow a sinus.

Thank you in advance!

That's then correct.
You are measuring 220V AC and then means that the voltage will change 50 or 60 (*2) times a second from polarity.
So you need to program some peak detection and avareging to get a stable reading.

Not sure if NR is suitable for such realtime tasks.

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