Advanced charting for mdashboard (vega?)

Hello all,

for the last 2 weeks I've been creating new chart in Vega which would replace my current mdashboard chart node.
I need timeline + line + point chart all in one. As this can't be done in mdashboard chart I've tried creating it on my local node-red with a dashboard installed.

2 weeks have passed and I finally completed everything along with data prep in function node which store everything in array for later use in the DB.

The problem is the Vega charts works only on dashboard, and not on mdashboard.

Imagine my dissapointment after 2 weeks of work when I figured I've lost 2 weeks (after work) time to nothing.

My question: can please anyone suggest any method of creating advanced combined chart within mdashboard enviroment? Or even better, can node-red-node-ui-vega be made for mui?

My pi json has got 1Mb and I doubt I have enough experience in JS to create new one using uibuilder - I've been programming in JS on-off for 1,5y..
Also, I apsolutely need mdashboard because it's meant for multiple users.

Thank you in advance!!

I think you would need to contact the author of mdashboard direct as he doesn’t hang out here must admit I thought it was mostly compatible so I’m surprised it doesn’t work unless he hasn’t been keeping up with changes.

The node can not be configured...

I've updated node-red and but it still doesnt work on mdashboard.
In documentation is says Node-red Dashboard has to be installed..

This is what I've been creating:

I need something like this on my Mdashboard Pi..

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