Extend Visualizations and Chart tools in Node-RED Dashaboard [Vega-lite or Graphana?]]

I have a question regarding easy ways to visualize complex datasets
My needs are:

  • interactive ways to see the data (hovering mouse to see values, changing the zoom of the axis, have multiple variables and datasets on the same axis)
  • alerts based on the behaviour of such data, based on client defined / dashboard driven data input

We have already installed grafana and embedded it in one of the dashabord pages (the installation is getting huge), but while I need to save / retrieve the data from the database, I dislike a bit the need to host such a thing, which is underused for our needs, and obliges the client for a double authentication. Moreover, is one more thing to look after.

I've seen with great interest Vega Lite.

What I'd need is something really close to this wonderful Overview and Detail example chart.
I am feeling a little bit lost in the need to show the data. How to I get the bottom data viewer data within Node-RED?

Are there any good tutorials or resources online in Vega Lite in Node-RED?
Vega site has good documentation, yet I feel a little bit lost in this

Any advice appreciated.

You can always use the Dashboard's template node and integrate the visualization lib of your choosing.

And I just found this:

Most of the examples from the vega site should cut/paste into the node ok.
As vega data can be very "rich" in format, manipulating your own data into that format will depend where your data is coming from and your level of javascript skill.


what data base you are using?

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