Advantech node-red

i try to connect the adam-6017 to node-red in my laptop via Ethernet cable but i did not find any advantech nodes to communicate with . is there any other type to communicate with it via ip or tcp .

This page suggests the device supports MQTT. MQTT is very easy to use in node-red so I suggest you use that.

i m just trying to use any other option that all

Sorry, that sentence does not make sense.

i m try to get data with only cable and without internet .

one more thing can i connect to mqtt to my device from adam without internet ?

Yes. MQTT can go over the internet but it does NOT have to. It can be 100% local netowrk.

You will need a broker installed - I suggest mosquitto.

PS: I see you are unfamiliar with MQTT - dont worry, once you get it going, you wont want to use anything else - it is THAT EASY. We are here to help you get this moving.

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To learn more about MQTT then see this tutorial MQTT Essentials - All Core Concepts explained

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Looks like it supports modbus and has API. The advantages of those is that no broker would be required and if it’s strictly an isolated network that shouldn’t be an issue. MQTT is definitely the best way to do it on a more open local network.

Why would MQTT be a problem if it is an isolated network?

Not a problem at all. Just requires a broker where the others don’t.

Ok, your last post gave the impression it could be a problem.

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