Node RED with ADAM 6717

I am new to Node RED programming and working on a project where I use ADAM 6717 gateway for Data acquisition, analysis, transmission. The Node red is built-in in the ADAM 6717 and I have programmed using nodes to obtian the results on the dashboards.

  1. I have a doubt on how to transmit data from a remote locaion to my desktop. Is it possible to access Node RED which is installed inside the ADAM 6717 to be accessed via the internet?
  2. I am new to the communication protocols, The Adam 6717 is capable of using Modbus and MQTT protocols. If I use any of this, I just get access to the Data or to the entire node red platform? This is my second doubt.

If it is connected to the internet - sure.

Modbus TCP protocols (usually port 502) and MQTT protocols (usually port 1883) are completely different protocols and run on different port numbers to the node-red editors interface (which is normally on port 1880)

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Thank you for ypur reply Steve!
How is it possible is something I have to figure out.

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