Advice for an MQTT/NR controlled EV charger

Does anyone have experience with an EV car charger that I can control via Node RED and/or MQTT? I know there is something to read out an Easee Home Charger ( but (also) this charger has limited home automation capabilities.

I would like to read which chargers are eligible, thanks in advance.

Might not be quite the same but:

Thanks, that's definitely an interesting project. If I am right the maker uses a DIN Rail Mounted Metering solution, unfortunately no EV charger with MQTT.

No, probably not. Though I think some cars give you access to data and possibly control.

I spotted a few videos about IoT and car charging - not sure if any include MQTT but if you can intercept the data, adding in MQTT should be pretty easy.

Thanks for the link to the video. If anyone has any ideas, I'd love to hear them.

There is the openWB Project, which makes a wallbox with open source software, which also has a MQTT Interface for all of the data and also has an "intelligence" for solar charging

That is an interesting charger, unfortunately a bit expensive for private use.

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