Advice needed on migrating a NR project to a Cloud based solution

Hi guys.

I would like to ask for your advice on a project that I've been working for many years now. It's using Node-Red, MongoDB, mySQL. All three are running in separate docker instances on my Synology NAS.

In the next step, I'd like to launch a 24/7 service for customers where product prices are provided, e.g. on some website / CMS to which users can log in & subscribe for. Updates on the price data (among other updates) would ideally be pushed directly from Node Red..

So my basic question is: What would be a cost effective way to migrate my docker instances to a 24/7 solution with the NR/DB backend pushing data towards a frontend CMS that is able to handle a service subscription for users?

Can you recommend a hoster like AWS, Google and then setup a CMS all in one VMs? Or should I setup NR/MongoDB/MySql on one stack and the website on another?

What is your recommendation, which path would you pick and do you have any experience with webhosters/CMS that can handle subscriptions well?

Best regards,

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