Aedes MQTT Broker dropping out 3-4 times per minute

Hello All,
I am using Aedes Node in NR as MQTT broker. (Pi Zero as NR Server).
My internal and external MQTT listeners are getting disconnected from broker 3-4 times a minute.
Is that an issue of this particular node or Pi Zero is too weak to support both NR and broker service?

It depends. You can run NR on a Pi Zero - I have one that is my mqtt broker (mosquitto) and is running NR, but the NR portion is very lightly used.

I would use an external broker in place of the Aedes node. It is easy to install and widely use by people on the forum. (here is a link - there are many, i just did a google search - for installing it:


+1 for using mosquitto rather than aedes.

There is one thing missing from that tutorial. With the latest mosquitto, if you want to access the broker across the network, you need to add some configuration. This is best done by making a file in /etc/mosquitto/conf.d/ with the configuration in. It can be called anything.conf. So make a file called, for example, /etc/mosquitto/conf.d/mossy.conf and in there put

listener 1883
allow_anonymous true

I wouldn't personally run that on a full Pi let alone a Zero. As the others have said, Mosquitto should work fine as long as you aren't pushing things hard and you've taken care to minimise what is running on the Zero.

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Thank you all! I will move to another broker as you suggested.

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