Aeotec dongle setup in node-red

Thank you, That's tomorrows homework, I need to lie in a dark room now :crazy_face:

Hi Marcus
Hope this message finds you well
I have come to have a play with your zwavejs node after you helped me set it up yesterday and My controller is sat as yellow[net:1] initializing network and doesn't seem to move on. Any suggestions please?


Hi @fogmajor

This will be because its not yet finished interviews.
A device that has been interviewed will have a thumb icon, if it's not yet interviewed, it will be an hour glass.

This will also be the area that let you know the sleeping status of a node (Sun, Moon) - if it can sleep of course.

if you have battery operated devices - You need to wake them - so the interviews can occur.

Also, ensure you have used the same encryption keys - if your last network was secured - else they wont be able to communicate fully - the keys must be in hex string format.

Screenshot 2023-03-21 at 17.53.19

The controller node evaluates to "All Nodes Ready".


  • All NON battery operated devices respond to a ping during start up.
  • No outstanding interviews remain

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