After install the node Toggel. I dont find

Hello, i have the node toggel install, over the console.
The feadbeck, install 1 packed.
But i don't find the in NodeRed.

Where can i find it?

  1. Is this a node-red node? If so, what is the full name of the node and provide a link to the node.
  2. What do you mean by 'over the console'?
  3. What do you mean by 'The feadbeck, install 1 packed.'?

If you want a node to use in node-red then you have to find a node-red node and install it and you should use the flows tab here on the forum to search for one and if you don't find one, you will have to build one yourself r get someone to build it.

Try using the palette search:

Do you see the node?

Make sure you have installed the 'toggle' node using the Palette manager and then you should be able to use it in your Node-RED flow using the Palette search as mentioned by @jbudd.

It seems possible that @Marccore was trying to say

  • I installed the toggle node using npm install node-red-contrib-toggle
  • The feedback said "added 1 package"
  • But I don't see the node in the Node-red palette

In which case maybe they omitted the first step cd .node-red

Sadly that is just guesswork.

Hello, i install with this syntax
npm install node-red-contrib-toggle

This Node:
node-red-contrib-toggle 0.1.1

Hello, i dont have the Palette Manager. Why?

No i dont see the den Node

You should find the Palette Manager on the 'drop-down menu' at the top-right of Node-RED window.
Click the hamburger 3 short horizontal lines to access the Menu.

No the Manager is not to see.
I install node red yesterday.

On my old installation i have the manger .
And it works

Well that seems to indicate your 'install' failed in some way or another.
You'll probably have to explain how you performed the install and on what hardware (so people can help).

  1. what device and OS have you installed NR on?
  2. what version of NR and Node.js are you using.
  3. what is the difference between your old installation and the new install?

I don't know.

But yesterday on two of my Linux computers there was no "Manage Palette" in the hamburger menu.
I reinstalled Node-red using the Raspberry pi install script and the problem was resolved.

Installaed on the rasberian OS lite
This Pi is running only for the I/O Broker
Node.js Version 20.11.1
NR 3.1.5
NPM i dont know

Cool, thanks.
I make an test laster, and reinstall

This is a fresh new SD Card with the installation.

So I have solve the problem.

Its only a checkbox in the I/O Broker.

Hello Dave,
now i have the next question.

I want to make a toggle my lights

I read you document "Having some FUN with Node-RED buttons"

I have tested the If loop.
How can i check if change?
The Code do not run

The Code:

if (msg.payload == "change") {
     msg.payload = 0;
    return msg;

You can create a toggle in the function node, this topic may help. Convert one value into two different ones

What you have shared is only part of the code in a function node in a very old thread of mine.

Can you share the Node-RED flow you have created so far?