Alarm Clock Home Assistant Esp8266

Hi, I know this is a big project but I want to try. I'd like to do a panel on Home Assistant to set an alarm clock. When it's time nodered send a command to my esp8266 which ring and print on the LCD the name of the alarm. At the moment I'm trying to figure out how to execute Arduino command like digitalWrite(buzzerpin,HIGH) and ecc..
Any tips?

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This sounds more like a home assistant question than a node red one. Few here use HA so you might be better asking on a HA forum.

If you think it is a node red question then try asking it without mentioning HA so we can see exactly what you are asking.

You should probably be using mqtt to send commands to the ESP.
The Arduino code needs to connect to a broker and subscribe to a topic.
I use a Raspberry Pi to run the Mosquitto broker as well as Node-red.
On the ESP use a callback to handle the message and trigger the buzzer.
There are lots of Arduino examples for mqtt and callbacks.

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