Alarm system using node red


Just wondering if anyone has managed to install an alarm system which talks to node red? I am not interested in building my own alarm system, more so just being able to arm/disarm a type tested alarm system from a reputable manufacturer via my dashboard.

If anyone has managed to install such a system, can you share what you've installed ?

Hi, @Sirhc,

I created my own alarm system with Node Red, based on the following characteristics.

I hope this will give you some idea's


Thanks for the response, but I'm reluctant to use node red to actually be the brains of the alarm system. Prefer for it to just act as an interface for basic arm/disarm functions.

I have been reading about the Konnected alarm panel, which appears to have MQTT functionality with ESPHome, but just not sure how this all ties together from a hardware/software perspective with node red.

Does anyone have this setup?

If it devices have MQTT abilities then it shouldn't matter what the other software/hardware is, just that it can subscribe/publish the messages.

And Node-Red is fully functional with MQTT, so I recommend you focus the search/research for hardware/software security devices that support MQTT... If so, then YES you can probably use them just fine with Node-Red.

Meanwhile, start playing around with Node-Red and it's MQTT nodes... even if just sending messages and data back and forth between tabs/flows... to get the feel of the Node-Red side.