Alexa, [do something with this] [database query term]

Is there a way to do this? I want to give Alexa a command that triggers a Node-RED flow, passing it a phrase to be used for a database query.

As an example, if Alexa hears me say, “let’s hear some Fat Freddy’s Drop”, the “lets hear some” triggers the flow, passing it “Fat Freddy’s Drop”. The database is searched for “Fat Freddy’s Drop”, and if it’s found, it finds the Spotify playlist link and plays it. If I say, “Let’s hear some Beck”, it searches, finds it, sees that I want to use Pandora for Beck, and plays it. If I say, “let’s hear some Prince” and it searches the database for “prints”, I need a notification that it couldn’t find “prints” so I can add a database entry for “prints” that plays my Prince playlist.

Seems so simple but it’s really not, is it?

It all depends if amazon supports such features, and by the looks of it, it doesn't.
There is an alexa skill node, but won't provide you want you specifically are looking for.