ALEXA , What is my water temperature?

Hello All

Considering that I have A variable in a flow, how can i ask Alexa to read it out loud?.

just need the basics, what is the node and config:

Thank you in advance

What have you tried so far, and how do you connect to Alexa?
Take a look at nodes/flows posted here to see what others have done before.

yes I have seen that, but there is so many nodes and version, I just wanted someone that have done it to share
thank you

Look at the green ones, they are flows that you can import which would appear to be just what you want…

AFAIK you can't get Alexa to speak custom phrases - it just responds OK if it receives a valid request

I've not found a method anyway

You can get it to play a sound file and there are several examples on the flows site of asking alexa a specific question, and having the flow use a text-to-speech service to create a sound file which alexa then plays.

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Your search skills are exceeding mine :slight_smile:

You can do custom TTS with

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You may have some luck playing with . This is my go-to for using alexa to trigger node-red events (I went this route because they support color commands, not just on/off and brightness like many do) and it looks like it supports the thermostat commands too.

Thank you, I will take a look

Just tried this and it works :slight_smile:

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