Alexa & Docker desktop does not respond to my voice after exiting my SSH connection

For this first test only, I am NOT using Docker. I installed NodeRED and alexa-remote2-applestrudel 5.0.48 onto a remote Linux PC.

I then SSH into the linux PC from my host linux PC. I then start NodeRED, initialise Alexa, and then it responds to my custom voice commands. Then I close the SSH connection. And it still responds to my custom voice commands !

Now I do the same as above inside of Docker desktop and again it responds to my voice custom commands. I then close the SSH connection from my host PC and then Alexa no longer responds to my voice commands ?

If I then go back into the remote PC and reinitialise Alexa, it works again until I close the SSH connection.

As a test i setup Alexa to announce " hello " every minute and even after closing the SSH connection this still kept working.

I am not an expert in Linux or Docker so it may be something I am doing wrong, but if anyone has any suggestions, that would be welcome.

I don't know anything about Alexa and little about docker but not responding after you close the ssh connection suggests that the process has been killed since it no longer has a terminal attached.

Without docker did you use systemctl start nodered or equivalent?

And with docker, what command did you use to start nodered (and any other processes)?

Docker 3 minute video that explains what it does
Example of Alexa intergrated with NodeRED

With both of them, I open a terminal and ssh into the remote PC. I then type x11vnc and then open a window via Reminna viewer ( This way the remote PC show me it's KDE desktop which I am familiar with ).

The NodeRED that does not use Docker,
I open a terminal inside of the viewer window and type ... node-red
I then go to and initialise Alexa, then it works correctly.

The one that is using Docker
Has NodeRED preinstalled with all my flows and an Alexa flow.
I go to and initialise Alexa, then it behaves exactly the same as the one above and works correctly, until I close the SSH connection .

With both of them even when I have closed the SSH connection, I can open a browser on my host PC and set it's address to and both are working as expected, I can see the flows and my debug information, the only problem is Alexa not responding to my spoken command on the Docker version.

Apologies if I am not using the correct terminology.


I am sure that you are using the right terminology! And thanks for the links but I know enough about both to know I have no need for either technology. :grinning:

OK so that demonstrates that in both cases Node-red is still running.

Actually I am a bit surprised because if I ssh into a machine and run node-red, that Node-red instance does not survive closing the ssh connection.

Hopefully someone with Alexa knowledge can help.

Actually I am a bit surprised because if I ssh into a machine and run node-red , that Node-red instance does not survive closing the ssh connection.

I use the x11vnc viewer, then i open the terminal in the desktop, not the ssh, just trying to help :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyway thanks for your help much appreciated.

Hi, I found the solution myself, open a terminal in the remote PC and type ...
docker container start
When I exited the SSH session, Alexa kept working :slight_smile:

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