Alexa-smart-home-v3 acknowledge problem?

Hi all,
I'm using several alexa-smart-home-v3 nodes to control several lights, tv etc. from google home.

All work fine, but I get "could not reach" messages from google assistant when addressing more than 2 alexa-smart-home-v3 nodes with one command.

i.e. when I say "ok google "room1' light off" and 'room1' has 3 lights I receive 3 messages in a row, all are handled correctly, but the answer from google is "OK turning off two lights, sorry I can't reach 'light 1'" Although I DID get 'light 1' (logged as first) and the light IS turned off !

Than saying "ok google turn off 'light 1"'
The answer from google is "OK turning off 'light 1'".

In the same way I can say: "ok google all lights off" and I get a response "OK turning off 7 lights, sorry i can't reach 6 lights".
Note that 5 lights are ikea trådfri and 8 are controlled by alexa-smart-home-v3 nodes, so again only 2 of the alexa-smart-home-v3 nodes seem to be acknowledged but all nodes worked and all nodes have auto acknowledge on.

Does anybody have the same problem ?
Does anybody know what could cause this problem ?
Any suggested solutions ?

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