Alexa... Turn on Christmas (Neopixels) << revisited

One of my IoT students has been working on controlling a strip of Neopixels using Alexa.
It basically takes some parts from the projects:

  • Controlling a Neopixel strip
  • Alexa... turn on Christmas

Then joins them together to create a new project.

The objective is to control a strip of Neopixels using three sliders on the dashboard and from Alexa with commands like...

"Alexa, set Neopixels to red"
"Alexa, set Neopixels to green"
"Alexa, set Neopixels to 50"

The student has updated the project so when you give Alexa a command to set a colour, the UI sliders move 'automagically' to the correct position - try it out, it's great fun.

Here's a link to the tutorial guide and the Node-Red flow (in json format)
Tutorial Guide
Node-Red flow