"Alexa - turn ON Christmas"

Here's a link to an ultra-short and very simple project that's just right for this time of the year.

Alexa - turn ON Christmas

I'm going to get my IoT students to have a go at this - this week.

Cheers from David.


Hi Dave,
Is something like this also possible with pure Node-RED, i.e. without such an Alexa device. For example capture the audio in your dashboard, then speech to text, ...
Or have you perhaps have bad experiences doing it that way?

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Hi Bart,
I've not tried that idea - although it sounds interesting.

The Alex-local nodes are very easy to set-up and work without any fussing about.


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Your students are damn lucky, having a teacher that prepares all these interesting small projects.
Nice to see that you are teaching with your heart and soul...

This project is a drastically cut-down version of my home lighting system.
My home system has a finite state machine (FSM) to move between Auto > Manual > All On > All Off modes and BigTimer to indicate when dusk arrives.

You can control the system via Alexa, Inject buttons in the NR-flow or this elegant dashboard!!!

You can only operate the lights if the system is in Manual mode. Auto mode controls the 'lights' by the Lat/Long for dusk in the settings in BigTimer. The third panel on the right-hand-side controls the activity settings for various lights. The fourth panel shows the current status of the lights.

Cheers from David.

Are you also using BigTimer to carry out the automatic 'timing' functions?

Hi Paul,
I use BigTimer to output a 1 every minute during the period from dusk to 22:00hrs.
This is the 'automatic' period.
I also have an Inject node that produces a signal every 3-seconds to run the system.
I suppose you could call this the 'system clock'.
The reason for this is, if I changed the position of a switch or mode selection - then it would happen within 3-secs rather than at the 1-minute intervals.
Here are some screen-shots.ScreenShot015



Cheers from David.

Hi Bart,
Reference your post...
"Although I have a very large todo list, I get distracted every time I see something interesting. So this forum is a real hell for me. I hate you guys with all your brilliant ideas and cool IOT stuff."

You would love this... last Tuesday a couple of my IoT students took the "Alexa - turn ON Christmas" project and adapted it to control a strip of eight NeoPixels.

They added three more Alexa nodes called "red", "green" and "blue" so they could say (for example) "Alexa set red to 20" and the NeoPixels would illuminated to 20% red.

They thought it was great fun merging two projects together to create a third one.

Cheers from David.


When I would have had such classrooms at the time, my entire career would certainly have been entirely different ...