Allow custom filename in flow export

A exported flow is always named as flows.json. It would be nice if the user could change the filename before download.

Can't you change filename and save location once Download is clicked?

If I click download it immediately creates the file in my downloads folder. No extra pop-up. Hm, maybe I can change the browser settings.

Maybe use the "Copy to clipboard" button and paste into your favorite editor instead? From there you can save it however you wish.

Ah, just checked in Firefox (and Chrome) and have the 'Always ask where to save files' in the Downloads section.

Yes yes .. I just changed that one. However, I am lazy and it would still be nice if the editor would for example suggest something like title_of_the_flow.json instead of "just" calling everything flows.json.


It is not an unreasonable request and something I've often wished for.

Not too difficult to implement.

If the consensus is this is something folk want, I would not object (and may even implement it :slight_smile: )


I’m for it too

may be default it to YYYYMMDDHHmmSS.json and give an option to rename if required ?

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I've often wished for this- great idea.

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